Nuevas Guías Europeas de prevención cardiovascular de la Sociedad Europea de Cardiología 2016


The Sixth Joint Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and Other Societies on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Clinical Practice (constituted by representatives of 10 societies and by invited experts)

Developed with the special contribution of the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation (EACPR)


Authors/Task Force Members: Massimo F. Piepoli* (Chairperson) (Italy), Arno W. Hoes* (Co-Chairperson) (The Netherlands), Stefan Agewall (Norway)1, Christian Albus (Germany)9, Carlos Brotons (Spain)10, Alberico L. Catapano (Italy)3, Marie-Therese Cooney (Ireland)1, Ugo Corra` (Italy)1, Bernard Cosyns (Belgium)1, Christi Deaton (UK)1, Ian Graham (Ireland)1, Michael Stephen Hall (UK)7, F. D. Richard Hobbs (UK)10, Maja-Lisa Løchen (Norway)1, Herbert Lo¨llgen (Germany)8, Pedro Marques-Vidal (Switzerland)1, Joep Perk (Sweden)1, Eva Prescott (Denmark)1, Josep Redon (Spain)5, Dimitrios J. Richter (Greece)1, Naveed Sattar (UK)2, Yvo Smulders (The Netherlands)1, Monica Tiberi (Italy)1, H. Bart van der Worp (The Netherlands)6, Ineke van Dis (The Netherlands)4, W. M. Monique Verschuren (The Netherlands)1

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